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Cheshire Cats Clan (CCC)

Postby Cheshire Cats » Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:14 pm

Who We Are
We are all mad here! :catgrin:
The Cheshire Cats Clan (CCC) is a European gaming community mainly focused on Mount & Blade: Warband but we also love to play other games together. The clan was founded with the goal to establish a vivid community that supports competitive and fun playing as well as creativity. Our clan doesn't have a hierarchical structure but a basic democratic system. What it comes down to is that we don't have leaders. All of our members enjoy equal rights and are encouraged to take part when clan decisions are made.

Clan Policy
The clan will deal with all issues as a team. Therefore, we discuss any decisions or issues and every member can bring up its opinion to the argumentation. If we can't come to an unanimous decision about an issue, there will be a voting and the decision will be taken by the majority.

Taking part in such clan decisions is recommended, but not mandatory. So every member can abstain and doesn't need to take part in the discussion. However, as long as a decent amount of members take part in the discussion and the voting, a final decision will be made during the process described above. The acceptance of an application is the only exception of clan decisions taken by the majority. In this case, all of our members need to welcome a new clan member. Otherwise the application is rejected.

What do we expect from our members?
We don't want to be just a group of people playing together, but people that sooner or later become friends with each other and establish a vivid community. Therefore, we treat each other and also other players that are not in the clan with mutual respect and try to deal with all issues in a calm and mature way. We encourage, help and support each other to bring in our members' expertise and skills to their full potential and maximize the fun for all of us.
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