CCCC (Constitution of CCC)

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CCCC (Constitution of CCC)

Postby Cheshire Cats » Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:51 pm

Constitution of CCC also known as 'Bill of Cats' or 'Magna Cata'

Basic Articles:

  • The clan doesn't have leaders. The clan has a basic democratic system.

  • The clan doesn't have a hierarchical structure. All members have equal rights.

  • The clan deals with issues as a team and always tries to come to an unanimous decision.

  • If an unanimous decision isn't possible the majority will decide.

  • Every member gets the chance to bring up its opinion and has a vote.

  • A vote which is not based on reason doesn't count.

  • Taking part in clan decisions is recommended but not mandatory.

  • New applicants only get accepted if a majority of 'active' members agrees and no member (regardless if active or not) disagrees.

  • 'Double Clanning' is not allowed. But there are exceptions and these can be discussed from case to case.

  • We treat each other and others who are not in the clan with mutual respect. This also means we respect game and server rules, we don't troll, we don't teamkill on purpose. And ofc racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech, and/or any form of harmful speech used only to offend someone is not tolerated in CCC.

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