How to make an admin application? Please read before posting!

You want to become an admin on one of our servers? Please apply here!
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How to make an admin application? Please read before posting!

Postby Cheshire Cats » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:23 pm

How to make an admin application?

Before you become an admin on any of our servers you need to make an application in this forum section.
In the following you get a step-by-step guide on making an admin application:

There are some basic requirements. If you wanna be admin on our server you should...
  • be at least 16 years old
  • play regularly on the server on which you want to be admin,
  • have clean logs (Note: Having been kicked, banned or having shown any kind of bad behavior in the past will negatively impact your administrator application),
  • have at least decent English skills.
if these points apply to you just continue.
  1. Register on our forum and create a new user account. (Skip this step if you are already a registered user.)
  2. Please have a look at our rules for server admins and the rules for players (which you find on the info thread of each server) and read them carefully.
    If you agree to the admin and server rules go on - if not, cancel your admin application.
  3. Post a new topic in the 'Admin Applications' section according to the following template:

    This is the title of your new topic. Please don't post in an existing one!
    Admin Application by *ENTER YOUR NAME HERE*
    Application Template:
    This is the basic information about yourself that we need to make a decision about your admin application. Just copy and paste the template in your application post.

    Nick Name:
    Steam Account:
    Warband ID (if available):
    Location/ Country:
    On which server do you like to be admin?:
    Maybe you have administrative experience?:
    or references?:
    Ability to speak other languages?:
    Are you in line and agree to our server and admin rules?
    What can you tell us about yourself?
    Anything you would like to add or comment?
  4. After you have posted your admin application, the members of the server team will make a decision. As you know, CCC has a basic democratic system. Therefore, all members have to discuss and vote on your admin application. This might take some time, so please be patient.
  5. Cheshire Cats are curious. In case we have any questions we might contact you on Steam.
  6. If all members of the server team agree to your admin application you will become an admin. We will contact you on steam to give you the password of the server. Moreover, you will get access to the "Admin Section" in our forum.
Good Luck!

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