Unban request of BIGASSPAPA

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Unban request of BIGASSPAPA

Postby BIGASSPAPA » Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:08 am

BIGASSPAPA, ccc_lastmanstanding, I changes my name to ccc_BIGASSPAPA to spite an admin, I forget the exact date it was about three weeks ago to this date, I fully regret my actions on that particular night i was drunk and going through a tough spot in my life your server is probably the most fun on this game.

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Re: Unban request of BIGASSPAPA

Postby Myrmidon_Achilles » Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:48 am

2 things...

1) wrong subforum and format...

2) you and your two "friends" were teaming, if that wasn't enough you then start insulting another player reptetively. One of your "friends" changed his name to "CCC_*playername*isacuck (or was it cunt I forget?) He was temp banned which to me at least is pretty lenient having all been warned a good few times. After this incident you then left and rejoined with the exact same name your "friend" just got banned for. So no it wasn't for using the CCC tag, it was for insulting other players, teaming and trolling.

I'm glad to hear however you were enjoying our server and im sorry for any of your troubles, but other players shouldn't have to deal with this harrasment because you had a bad day.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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Re: Unban request of BIGASSPAPA

Postby Tortellini » Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:17 am


You were banned on second of January, 2017.
To start with I will post here logs from the night when you got banned (to keep it short I'm posting only what's concerning this case):
00:12:48 - Adam has joined the game with ID: 3327382
00:13:37 - BIGASSPAPA has joined the game with ID: 3327324
00:43:41 - *DEAD* [BIGASSPAPA] you are clearly hacking
00:48:20 - [BIGASSPAPA] me and mama will rape you
00:50:00 - *DEAD* [BIGASSPAPA] what a cuck fag
00:51:32 - CCC_Myrmidon_Achilles <img=ico_swordone> BIGASSPAPA
00:51:40 - *DEAD* [BIGASSPAPA] nice hacks admin
00:51:44 - *DEAD* [BIGASSPAPA] fucking noob
00:52:11 - *DEAD* [BIGASSMAMA] admin gave himself god mode
00:52:12 - *DEAD* [BIGASSPAPA] console commands unlocked
00:52:50 - *DEAD* [BIGASSPAPA] fuck admin
00:53:13 - CCC_EagleVisionIsACuck has joined the game with ID: 3327382
00:53:43 - CCC_EagleVisionIsACuck is banned temporarily.
00:55:35 - CCC_eaglevisionisacuck has joined the game with ID: 3327324
00:56:02 - [CCC_eaglevisionisacuck] gay
00:56:26 - CCC_eaglevisionisacuck is banned permanently by CCC_Myrmidon_Achilles.
Today you joined our tdm server and asked for unban. While waiting for activation of account you wrote:
00:17:13 - [BIGASSPAPA] i was abused by the admins on the server. can you please just unban me? im trying to play with my friends adam and BIGASSMAMA
00:18:15 - [BIGASSPAPA] yes i was, they told me to put ccc in my name then banned me because of it
01:21:27 - [BIGASSPAPA] stand and fight the ccc clan, they hold our freedom to have fun
01:23:13 - [BIGASSPAPA] they are worse than pol pot and hitler
01:28:13 - [BIGASSPAPA] CCC=KKK?
01:41:48 - BIGASSPAPA has been auto kicked for excessive teamkilling.
Besides that you also teamwounded your teammates on a purpose.

My comment on this: On night when you got banned you were disrecpectful towards other players (eg towards Eaglevision - You accused him of cheating on which he replied he's going to ban you. He's not an admin and he never took any admin-actions towards anyone). After legit admin joined the server you started being disrespectful towards him (take a notice, when admin joins the server a message appears "logged with administrator rights"). At some point one of your friends changed nick and used fake clan tag for which he got temp ban. After that you also relogged and used fake CCC tag. You can read in our rules that hate speech, fake clan tags and being disrecpectful leads towards a ban. Also on LMS server it's forbidden to team up (that alone can lead to a ban) but you already know that.
You said that "they" told you to put our clan tag in your name. Remember that you are who's responsible for your actions, for what you say and for nick that are you using.
And you were not abused by any admins. Nobody from our clan told you to use CCC tag.
After posting unban request you compared us to Pol-Pot, Hitler and KKK. In the end you teamkilled your friend 3 times and got auto kicked for it (by the way, teamkilling, even your best friends is still not allowed, rules clearly say that).
In general we are willing to give a second chance, if someone really regrets and realises what went wrong. maybe you have anything else to add or to explain?

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Re: Unban request of BIGASSPAPA

Postby OliESC_Xberg » Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:41 am

I moved this thread to the correct subforum (shadow topic is still in place)

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